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I’ve discovered that selling real estate is sort of a lifestyle. That isn’t necessarily what I was expecting when I got into the business in 2016 but it has become something that I’ve learned to embrace. I’m not the most seasoned agent in town but I’ve done enough deals at this point to confidently say that I’m experienced. One thing that has remained the same from my day 1 in the business until now is my hunger. I’m hungry to prove to you that I will treat you with exceptional care. I’m hungry to show myself as somebody who looks to serve and give in every interaction that he has. And I’m hungry to do an excellent job at every turn so that I can provide for my three boys and build a reputation that they can be proud of. I’m a seminary dropout but you can still expect to be treated with a counselor’s heart. I know that the process of buying or selling a home can come wrapped up with things like anxiety, frustration, joy, and anticipation. I see it as my job to help keep you focused and level headed about the work that we have in front of us. Together we can accomplish some of your goals and solve some of your problems. I hope that you’ll let me be your guide along the way.

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